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What is “wushu”?  Wushu is chinese for "martial arts”.  Wushu is based on kicking, punching, throwing, joint locks, ground fighting, jumping kicks, and tumbling for performance and battle. Wushu has hundreds of different forms and 18 weapons. In 1990, wushu was inducted as an official medal event at the Asian Games. We teach wushu longfist (changquan), southern fist (nanquan), northern fist and all official compulsory forms for world competition.


Kung Fu

Kung fu means "skill and time." Kung fu styles are linked to family names, locations, animals and mountains. We teach kung fu forms such as preying mantis, tiger, crane, hung gar, shaolin, drunken, xingyi, baqua and all weapons.



Some people just refer to Taijiquan as Tai Chi or Tai Ji.  Taijiquan can be studied for its health effects or it can be studied to learn the secrets of its martial arts applications.  The health benefits are comparable to yoga but Taijiquan accentuates stillness in motion.  The internal Chi develops as the body moves and the student slowly learns to control his or her movements by directing the body with the mind.  Taijiquan is an internal martial art founded over 300 years ago in China and now the biggest, most popular internal style. Called an internal style because its training focuses on relaxation, alignment and energy cultivation. Once considered a supreme form of combat, taiji has since evolved into an art form, stressing health and fitness. It has cured millions worldwide improving health conditions such as obesity, poor circulation, kidney ailments, arthritis, liver problems, shortness of breath, stiff joints as well as developing self confidence.

Taiji is the art of (slow) movements. You will learn how to relax and move like water - slow, soft and calm.  Later, your water movements become explosive but calm, strong but soft and quick but slow. Anyone, at any age, can train in this art. Currently, our oldest taiji student is 76 years old.



The art of breath control. You will learn how to develop your incredible and fascinating power of internal energy, improve health conditions such as migraine headaches, bad nerves, sinus problems, sleeping disorders, stress and high blood pressure.


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This is a video of Master Li competing when he first came to this country.   Go to his Bio Page to see a video of him performing an internal style Taiji sword.


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