Internal Styles: Yang Style Tai Chi, Chen Style Tai Chi, and Xingyi (Hsing I)


Share the beauty, fitness, health and knowledge of Tai Ji with the goal of enhancing health and wellness within the local community


To increase in knowledge, mental and physical fitness through Wu Shu, both external and internal branches.


Awarded Tai Ji Black Belt Sash by Master Li Pei Yun in October, 2008.


Year 2007

Honored to have represented Team Li Pei Yun at the Fifth Zhejiang International Traditional WuShu Tournament in Hangzhou, China.

August 2007 – Fifth Zhejiang International Traditional Wushu Tournament 2007 in Hangzhou, China (August 2007)
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Individual Gold Medals:

  • 1st place Xing Yi Quan (8.70) Gold
  • 1st place Tai Ji Yang Dao (8.56) Gold

Pairs medal:

  • 1st place Xingyiquan Pair Routine (8.66) Gold (With Kevin Else)

Team medals:

  • Group Comprehensive Taiji Form (combined quan & weapon) (8.96) Gold

Year 2009

U.S.International Kuoshu Championship – Huntsville, MD
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  • 2nd Place – Tai Ji Yang Style – Men (Yang 40)
  • 2nd Place – Tai Ji Chen Style – Men (Chen 18)
  • 1st Place -Tai Ji Other Weapon – Men (Chen Broadsword)