Kevin’s Library of Internal Martial Arts

I’ve been asked to recommend a few books to study Tai Ji and the Chinese Internal Healing Arts. Here is a selection of books from my library. In addition, one should familiarize oneself with the Ten Essentials of Yang Style Tai Ji as set out by Yang Chengfu. The list is provided below and was

Push Hands Training Video

Starting this Saturday (March 25th) we will be emphasizing Chen Xiaowang’s method of teaching push hands. To familiarize yourself with his method… check out his video on Youtube between 16:30 and 25:30 (only 9 minutes). See you then.

Push Hands training: March 2023

Back to basics. Please review Ma Hong’s training video on Youtube. Jump to 5:16 in the video (if you click on the link above it should take you there) and play close attention to his explanation and detail. We will concentrate on the vertical and horizontal circles. Once comfortable with single hand… you can practice

Thanksgiving Holiday 2022

In observance of Thanksgiving Day, school will be closed on November 24th (Thursday), 25th (Friday) and 26th (Saturday). Have a safe and healthy holiday weekend.