Internal Styles: Yang Style TaiJi, Chen Style TaiJi, Xingyi, Chin Na and Chen Quan Dao


Learning and practicing Chinese Martial Arts.
Photography and Videography and Video Editing.
Model Railroading.


Maintain strength, flexibility and endurance thru TaiJi and QiGong exercises.


  • Presented with Black Sash by Master Li Pei Yun in April of 2010.
  • Proficient in the following forms: 24 Yang Style Hand Form; 40 Yang Style Hand form; 42 Yang Style Competition Hand Form; Chen Style 13 Hand Form; Xingyi; 24 Sword Form; 32 Sword Form; 42 Competition Sword Form; Yang Style Broad Sword Form; Chen Style Broad Sword Form; Chen Style Quan Dao Form; Bagua and QiGong Exercises.


Year 2007
  • Member of Team Li Pei Yun at the Fifth Zhejiang International Traditional WuShu Tournament (2007) in Hangzhou, China.
  • 1st Place Team Demo (Gold Medal).
  • 1st Place Xingyi (Gold Medal).
  • 1st Place Chin Na (Pairs – Gold Medal). 1st Place Group Team Form (Gold Medal).