Kevin’s Library of Internal Martial Arts

I’ve been asked to recommend a few books to study Tai Ji and the Chinese Internal Healing Arts. Here is a selection of books from my library.

In addition, one should familiarize oneself with the Ten Essentials of Yang Style Tai Ji as set out by Yang Chengfu. The list is provided below and was taken from the official Yang Family website where you will find full explanations of each item.

  1. Empty, Lively, Pushing Up and Energetic
  2. Hold in the Chest and Slightly Round The Back
  3. Relax the Waist
  4. Separate Empty and Full
  5. Sink the Shoulders and Drop the Elbows
  6. Use Intent Rather than Force
  7. Synchronize Upper and Lower Body
  8. Match Up Inner and Outer
  9. Practice Continuously and Without Interruption
  10. Seek Quiescence within Movement

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