Standard Manuals for Taijiquan

The two books shown below contain the standards for forms created by the Chinese authorities.

The first book by Li Deyin contains instructions for:

  • 81-Step Taijiquan
  • 24-Step Taijiquan
  • 42-Step Taijiquan
  • 42-Step Taiji Sword
  • 32-Step Taiji Sword

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The second book translated by Xie Shoude contains instructions for four (4) competition forms for the following styles of Taijiquan:

  • Yang Style Taijiquan (40 Form)
  • Chen Style Taijiquan (56 Form)
  • Wu Style Taijiquan (45 Form)
  • Sun Style Taijiquan (73 Form)

Unfortunately, I understand the book is hard to find now. However, there is the Chinese Wushu Association website which has great information you can refer to. CLICK HERE